Who we are?

GlobusChain will be an innovative platform integrating Web2, Web3, and AI to provide a seamless, secure, and personalized user experience. Our Super App unifies diverse services, enhancing data privacy and user control while revolutionizing digital interactions.

What we do?

GlobusChain’s Web 5.AI Super App will unifie traditional internet services with decentralized technologies and AI, providing a secure, seamless platform for social networking, e-commerce, finance, and entertainment, prioritizing enhanced data privacy, user control, and personalized experiences


To revolutionize connectivity, security, and user experience by seamlessly integrating Web2 and Web3 services enhanced by AI, positioning ourselves as a leading force in the global digital transformation market. 


To create a unified, secure, and user-friendly platform that bridges traditional internet services and decentralized technologies, providing unparalleled convenience and control over personal data, thereby enhancing the overall digital interaction experience for users globally 

Gaps and Opportunities

Web2 Risks 

Privacy issues and monopolies; 

Web3 faces scalability, complexity, and regulatory challenges.

Web2 Experiences Smoother but prone to data breaches;

Web3 has complexity and security issues from smart contracts and cyberattacks.

Multiple Accounts Lead to disjointed experiences and increased security risks.

Centralized Systems: 
Risk privacy and monopolies; 
Decentralized systems struggle with scalability, complexity, and regulation. 

Web2 Data Breaches: Faces data breaches; 

Web3’s complexity and security risks deter users.


Multiple Accounts: Lead to a disjointed experience, security risks, and frustration.

Our Approach

Seamless Integration of Web2 and Web3 Services 

Our platform bridges the gap between traditional internet services and decentralized technologies, enhanced by AI, to offer users a unified experience. 

Enhanced Data Privacy and Security

Implementing decentralized identity solutions and advanced encryption techniques ensures users have full control over their personal data, mitigating privacy concerns prevalent in current internet platforms.

Introducing the Super App

The Super App integrates traditional internet, decentralized technologies, and AI, offering users a unified platform. It streamlines access to multiple services, digital asset management, and smart contracts within a single, secure, and userfriendly interface.

Our Super App




Globus: Your next-gen all-in-one app. From messaging to shopping and taxis, do it all seamlessly. Connect, share, and benefit from exclusive GLSC coin offers. Elevate your digital experience – download now!

Globus Super App


Q2-Q4 2024 (April -Dec)

  • Focused Talent Aquisition in areas like UI/UX desighe, Web2, App Development and Web3.
  • Start Developement of App along with other capabilities and forge new partnerships
  • Develope comperhesive technology structure to amalagamate web2+web3 and AI .

Q1-Q2 2025 (Jan - June)

  • Launch Beta Version of Super app and test it in real market .
  • Impliment advanced testing protocols for the app in focused group and also in pilot market
  • Web2,Web3 and AI integration.
  • Launch Globuschains super App with Networking,chat, e-commerce, etc .
  • Ongoing Marketing, app enhancements and community events.

Q3-Q4 2025 (July- Dec)

  • Hire Marketing and operational staff for expansion.
  • Launch full fledged iOS & Android app with accessibility.
  • launch Third-party developer program.
  • Start Developing Layer 1 Blockchain and Token governance module.
  • Support for more languages & markets.
  • Enhanced security & regulatory compliance.
  • Boost Market expansion with colaborations and extensive Marketing.

Q1-Q2 2026 (Jan - June)

  • Optimize platform based on feedback.
  • Launch advanced and new features.
  • Integrate with Web3 and AI.
  • Amplify brand through marketing and partnerships.

Q3 2026

  • To Be Continue.....



Founder & CEO

Entrepreneur with zeal and passion for new technologies and solutions that can make life better for the brave new world.



A Experienced Techno Geek with years of experience in several tech companies and projects and a zeal for new and innovative projects and work .


Marketing and Social Media Marketing Head

Social Marketing Expert and designer With immense knowledge in blockchain, Web 3 and Web 2 technologies .



CO-Founder & Admin

Entrepreneur with zeal and passion for blockchain and solutions it can bring for the brave new world

Why Choose Us ?

As we all know that any company thrives on its Mission and Vision and can only become successful when it gets support of the people who believe in their Mission and Vision. We have put forward our Vision of future in front of you and we are very passionate to make a difference for current and future generation of humanity.
  • Authentic Brand

    We prioritize genuine value to the community, leading to impactful products and a successful organization.

  • Comprehensive Platform

    We offer a single, comprehensive platform for enthusiasts, simplifying their journey in the future technology world.

  • Simple To Us

    Our platform is user-friendly, streamlined for ease and clarity.

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