Globus Smart Coin


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Balance: BNB

1 BNB = 2600000000 GLSC


Soft Cap 4000 BNB

Globus ICO

Globus Smart Chain was born from the idea of creating something where we can create a ecosystem of services and products which gives boost to global usage of crypto assets by the crypto community as well as the normal user.

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You can buy GLSC also by sending BNB directly to Presale Contract


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Welcome to Globuschain, the revolutionary new earning app that allows you to earn GLSC, the native cryptocurrency of the Globuschain network.

Coming Soon

GLSC earning app

• The Globuschain earning app is designed to be easy to use and accessible to everyone, regardless of their experience with cryptocurrency
• Earn GLSC by participating in the network, including tasks like inviting friends to connect and earn GLSC
• The more you participate, the more GLSC you can earn, and you can move your GLSC coins to the Globus Wallet after achieving a certain goal and participation level
• Key features include: security through cutting-edge encryption and other measures, and flexibility in earning GLSC through a variety of methods
• Download the app when it is launched to start building your wealth and making a difference in the world of cryptocurrency and digital assets.

Web3 super app

• Introducing Web3SuperApp, an all-in-one super app based on web3 services that provides users with all the services currently offered by prominent Cryptocurrency companies and more
• Web3SuperApp built on latest web3 technology for secure and decentralized transactions
• Wide range of features to meet the needs of novice and experienced traders, including buying, selling, and managing digital assets, advanced charting tools, and web3-based services like DeFi and NFT trading
• Built-in wallet for secure and decentralized storage and management of digital assets, access to dApps and smart contract interactions
• Security is a top priority, with cutting-edge encryption and two-factor authentication
• Constantly working to improve and offer new features, with a dedicated team of experts providing the best web3-based experience possible
• Download Web3SuperApp when it is launched and take control of your digital assets and start building your wealth.

Super App

• Introducing Globus, the ultimate super app that will change the way you use your phone
• All-in-one app providing a wide range of services like messaging and social networking and media to shopping, food ordering taxi hailing ,payments and much much more.
• Easily stay in touch with friends and family through instant messaging, voice calls, video chats, share photos and videos
• Follow your favorite celebrities, influencers and brands and stay updated on the latest news and trends.
• Seamless shopping experience, purchase products from favorite stores and brands directly from the app, built-in payment system for quick transactions
• Other services include booking reservations, ordering food delivery and more, with intuitive and user-friendly interface
• App makes use of web3 payment system, GLSC coins can be used to get discounts and offers only available for GLSC Investors and traders.
• Convenience and efficiency, no need to juggle multiple apps. Download now and experience the future of mobile apps.


A technical failure can paralyze all affiliate networks on a centralized platfotrm, until the cause is detected and rectified the system.


Up to 45% of a merchant's budget is spent on commissions charged by a number of brokers, including banks, payment systems.


Affiliate networks have to pay for using existing platforms on a monthly basis or spend money on developing proprietary platforms


Meet Future Globus

We will strive to make GlobusChain as one of the prominent way Blockchain will be used in different areas of business and economy as well as social welfare and other major areas of technology

GlobusChain Blockchain

Multicurrency Wallet

Defi Exchange

Future Products

  • GlobusChain Blockchain
  • Multicurrency Wallet
  • Defi Exchange
  • MultiVerse and MetaVerse
  • Audit Platform for GlobusChain
  • NFT Marketplace
  • P2P Exchange
  • Decentralized Marketplace for Products
  • Social Networking Platform with Short videos feature
  • Online Education Platform
  • Dating App
  • Browser
  • Financial and Insurance Services Platform
  • Travel, Hotel and Holiday Booking Platform
  • Payment Wallet
  • Taxi, Bike and Vehicle Hailing Platform
  • Asset Based Platform for Real State and other assets
  • Services Platform

Vision and Mission


To be at the forefront of new era of technology and innovations which serves next generation of human life , so they can live with more freedom and less fear.


Is to give best products and services to users by exploring all possible frontiers in new technology and innovations, and also being socially responsible to our planet and our societies.


We have planned a ecosystem of new solutions which will help users to save their assets as well as trade and use them for different services in the coming years. Also we will keep on researching on how we can reinvent the wheel in a way that blockchain can be used in most of the areas of day to day life and how it can be used for betterment of humankind and users of the technology.



Immediate funding without third-parties. Smart contracts autonomously perform funding - collect and release payments


Open-source smart contract ensures fair and transparent deals between merchants and affiliates


On a decentralized platform, all user accounts are independent; if one account is hacked, this won't breach the security of.


Scale economy through decentralization leading to significant decrease in transaction fees


Transactions are verified by distributed nodes, and anyone can join or leave the network as they please without disrupting the network's ability to form consensus on transactions.


Any one can join, and Fair for everyone without any partiality


The peer-to-peer architecture of blockchain allows all cryptocurrencies to be transferred worldwide, without the need of any middle-man or intermediaries or central server


Every Transaction and Updates are real time and directly pulled from Smart Contracts lying on Blockchain


Token Name

Globus Smart Coin

Total Supply


Pre Sale Start Date

1st Oct 2022

Currencies Accepted


ICO Pre- Sale Globus Coin Supply Launch


ICO Supply OF Globus Coin launch


Soft cap

4000 BNB

ICO Start Date

1st of Jan 2023

Pre Sale - 1st Phase

1 BNB = 2,600,000,000 GLSC

Pre Sale - 2nd Phase

1 BNB = 1,300,000,000 GLSC

Pre Sale - 3rd Phase

1 BNB = 650,000,000 GLSC

Pre Sale- 4th phase

1 BNB = 325,000,000 GLSC



Fund Allocation



April-June 2022

  • Ideation of Globus Blockhain and Globus coin
  • White paper, Future Goals and Road Map preparation.
  • ICO Website Designing.

July-Sept 2022

  • ICO website Development For Globus Coins
  • Contract Deployment
  • ICO website Launch
  • Pre-Sale of Globus Coins Stage-1
  • Promotion through Partnerships and Affliates and Initial Buyers
  • Building Team for Future Projects

Oct-Dec 2022

  • Start Globus Chain Development
  • Pre-Sale Stage 2
  • InFluencer Promotion
  • Start MultiCurrency crypto wallet development
  • Pre-Sale Stage 3
  • Pre-Sale Stage 4
  • Team Expansion

Jan-March 2023

  • Globus Coin Launch to general Public
  • dApp Wallet Launch
  • Major Dex Listing
  • Audit Solutions Platform Development
  • Metaverse and Multiverse Platform Developmet Start
  • Dex Platform Development Start

April-June 2023

  • Blockchain Release Beta testing
  • Dex Platform Launch and Integration in dApp
  • Rvenue Sharing Staking Programme
  • NFT marketplace Development Start
  • P2P Exchange Development Start
  • Blockchain Main net Release
  • Smart Contract Integration support with Blockchain

July-Sept 2023

  • Globus Exchange Beta Version Release
  • Exchange and Wallet and Mobile Version Development
  • Exchange Release
  • Tier 1 listings on Exchange
  • Invite Projects on our Blockcahin and Invite selected projects
  • Finance and Lending Platform Development Start
  • Multverse Metaverse Alpha Version

Oct-Dec 2023

  • NFT Market Place Launch
  • P2P Exchange launch
  • DeFi platform launch
  • Start Development of - Decentralised Market Place , Social App, Education App , Browser , Dating App
  • Launch of Mobile version of Wallent and Exchange

Jan-March 2024

  • Startup Studio and Launchapad Development
  • New Partnerships
  • Finance , Insurance and Lending Platform Launch
  • Dervatives Platcorm Launch
  • Payment wallet first version Launch

April-June 2024

  • Social Networking and Short Video app Launch
  • Education App launch
  • Browser Launch
  • Dating app Launch
  • Travel booking Platform and app Launch
  • Education App launch
  • Dervatives Platform first version test
  • Decentralised Market place Launch
  • Payment App Launch

July-Sept 2024

  • Online and Offline Services Platform Development start
  • Taxi, Bike and Vehicle Hailing renting Platform Development start
  • Asset Based Platform Development Start
  • Game Platform development Start
  • Matrimonial Platform Development Start
  • Multiverse Metaverse and App Launch with NFT Integration

Oct-Dec 2024

  • Start Development of Job Portal and app
  • Start development of Real estate buy- sale and rental app
  • Start R&amps;D in areas like Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotics
  • Start R&amps;D in area of Hardware , computers , mobiles and and automobile Industry .

Jan-March 2025

  • Derivatives Platform and app launch
  • Services Platform and App Launch
  • Multiverse Metaverse New Services Launch
  • Taxi Hailing app and Platform launch
  • Game Platform first version Launch
  • Asset based platform First version launch

April-June 2025

  • Matrimonial Website and app Launch
  • Asset based Platform public version Launch
  • Game platform final version launch
  • JobPortal and app launch
  • Real Estate app and website launch

July-Sept 2025

  • Start Decentalied crowdfunding platform Development
  • Start Decentralised Charity Platform Development
  • Go be Continued -----------------

Why choose us?

As we all know that any company thrives on its Mission and Vision and can only become successful when it gets support of the people who believe in their Mission and Vision. We have put forward our Vision of future in front of you and we are very passionate to make a difference for current and future generation of humanity.

Authentic Brand

Our aim will be to be able to provide genuine value to the community is the first step toward developing a meaningful products and services and, as a result, a successful organisation.

Comprehensive Platform

We prefer comprehensive platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts rather than having too many platforms to achieve their goal of growing funds in the world of Blockchain

Simple To Use

Our platform will be extremely simple to use, with only the necessary options for users and other stakeholders.

Globus icon




Founder and CEO

Entrepreneur with zeal and passion for blockchain and solutions it can bring for the brave new world



Co-Founder and CTO

With immense knowledge in blockchain, Web 3 and Web 2 technologies .



Marketing and Sales Head

Creative mind with enthusiastic new view and aproach towards the new blockchain maarket needs.


Total of 1 quadrillion (1,000,000,000,000,000) Globus Smart Coins will be minted through Smart contract and deployed through Binance Smart Chain . We will be selling 20% of the tokens in presale which will be done in 4 phases which will run max for 92 days . 1st presale for 45 days and rest 3 pre-sales for 15 days each. If the Pre-Sale phases goals are reached before time, we will start next phase of pre sale within 24 hours. We have kept the investment amount to minimum 0.1 BNB for our presale which will make easy for most of the retail investors to invest. We will not accept any FIAT currencies during the Pre-Sale as we firmly believe in digital currencies and that's why working on building a ecosystem based on blockchain and crypto assets and crypto currencies.

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