Layer-1 Blockchain

The Inception of Globus Smart Chain stemmed from the vision of establishing an ecosystem of services and products that actively promote the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies, benefitting both the crypto community and the everyday user. Globuschain Blockchain Re-De-Fined will be a Layer 1 Blockchain with up to 200K TPS.
Globuschain Blockchain Re-De-Fined Layer1

Introducing the Vision of Tomorrow: Future of GlobusChain

GlobusChain is poised to evolve into a Layer 1 DPoS blockchain with ambitious plans to expand into Layer 2 solutions, ensuring lightning-fast transaction speeds of up to 200,000 transactions per second (TPS) at virtually negligible gas fees. Our mission is to make blockchain technology accessible for diverse applications across business, the economy, social welfare, and various technology sectors, emphasizing both simplicity and speed.

Why Choose Our Token

Unified Token Ahead

GLSC will be the common native token for both Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains in the future

High-Speed, Low Cost Awaits

Globuschain aims to reach 200k TPS with minimal transaction costs in the future.

Future Ecosystem Vision

GLSC is set to power our upcoming web3 ecosystem, offering access to services and products.




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  • Scratch & Earn 🃏 Scratch cards for instant rewards.

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Earning App 1




Introducing the Globuschain App, a user-friendly platform tailored for everyone—even those new to the crypto realm. Earn GLSC effortlessly through tasks and referrals. Boasting state-of-the-art encryption for optimal security and offering multiple ways to accrue GLSC, this app ensures both wealth growth and a pronounced impact in the crypto world. Don’t wait—download soon and begin your journey!

Globus Earning App




Discover Web3SuperApp: the all-in-one solution for your web3 needs. Crafted with the latest technology, it ensures secure decentralized transactions, catering to both novice and expert traders. Dive into buying, selling, DeFi, NFTs, and advanced charting, all while enjoying an integrated wallet for secure storage and seamless dApp interactions. With our unwavering commitment to top-tier security and user experience, get ready to redefine your digital asset management. Coming soon!

Globus Web3 Super App




Globus: Your next-gen all-in-one app. From messaging to shopping and taxis, do it all seamlessly. Connect, share, and benefit from exclusive GLSC coin offers. Elevate your digital experience – download now!

Globus Super App




Life 2.0 is a multiverse project part of the Globuschain ecosystem universe. Discover Eternal Gods of Egypt (EGOE) NFT Collection , a journey into ancient mythology. own and exclusive Valuable piece of history with this limited edition, beautifully illustrated NFTs.Eternal Gods of Egypt is a unique collection , dont miss it.


Globus Token Distribution

Globus has allocated 20% each for ICO Pre-sale, ICO Launch & Liquidity, Ecosystem Development, and Team and Founders to ensure a balanced foundation and growth. We've earmarked 5% for both Reserve Funds and Board Advisor to maintain financial stability and garner expert insights. Marketing & Bounty receives 8% for brand amplification, while a dedicated 2% goes to Charity Funds, underscoring our commitment to giving back. This distribution strategy emphasizes our focus on growth, stability, and social responsibility.

Globus Token Allocation

Globus dedicates 40% to Engineer & Development, highlighting our tech-first approach. Business Development gets 12%, focusing on strategic growth. Marketing & Promotion has 20%, emphasizing brand outreach. Legal & Regulation takes 10%, ensuring compliance. Operation & Admin is allocated 8% for efficient management, and Partners receive 6%, valuing collaboration and network expansion. This allocation balances platform growth, compliance, and stakeholder value.

ICO Tokens Details


Globus Smart Coin



Pre Sale Start Date

Coming Soon

Currencies Accepted


Soft Cap

1 Million USD

ICO Start Date

1st May 2024


Q2 2024 (April - June)

  • Launch presale for Globus smart coin.
  • Launch multiverse NFT project to raise additional funds.
  • Begin marketing campaigns to raise awareness and drive user acquisition.

Q3 2024 (Jully - Sept)

  • ICO launch on top exchanges.
  • Finalize platform design.
  • Web2 & Web3 integration.
  • Launch Globuschain with e-commerce,gaming, and content.
  • Ongoing enhancements and community events.

Q4 2024 (Oct - Dec)

  • Launch iOS & Android app with accessibility.
  • Layer 1 scaling integration.
  • Third-party developer program.
  • GLSC Token governance module.
  • Support for more languages & markets.
  • Enhanced security & regulatory compliance.
  • Boost NFT & gaming collaborations.

Q1 2025 (Jan - March)

  • Optimize platform based on feedback.
  • Launch advanced DeFi features.
  • Integrate with Ledger/Trezor wallets.
  • Amplify brand through marketing and partnerships.


  • To Be Continue.....



Founder & CEO

Entrepreneur with zeal and passion for blockchain and solutions it can bring for the brave new world


Marketing and Social Media Marketing Head

With immense knowledge in blockchain, Web 3 and Web 2 technologies .


CO-Founder & Admin

Entrepreneur with zeal and passion for blockchain and solutions it can bring for the brave new world

Why Choose Us ?

As we all know that any company thrives on its Mission and Vision and can only become successful when it gets support of the people who believe in their Mission and Vision. We have put forward our Vision of future in front of you and we are very passionate to make a difference for current and future generation of humanity.
  • Authentic Brand

    We prioritize genuine value to the community, leading to impactful products and a successful organization.

  • Comprehensive Platform

    We offer a single, comprehensive platform for crypto enthusiasts, simplifying their journey in the blockchain world.

  • Simple To Us

    Our platform is user-friendly, streamlined for ease and clarity.



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